Ultrasonic Tools

Galvanic tools for hard and brittle materials, ultrasonic-approved

  • diamond hollow drills and grinding wheels suitable which are ultrasonic approved
  • special tools to meet the highest standards of quality
  • tool development and ideal solutions
  • micro drills with external diameters starting from 0,3 mm upwards, including internal coolant
  • our range of products comprises  of diamond tools for almost all geometries and scopes of applications
These modern times with its modern, extremely hard materials set new requirements in respect to material processing.

This is where our company has specialized itself in the field of hard and brittle material processing with ultrasonic diamond tools which are suitable for ultrasonic machining.

Ultrasonic tools such as hollow drills or micro drills are, because of their technical properties such as bond hardness, material of the binding matrix, grain quality and diamond concentrations are designed in a way that they can withstand the addition of the ultrasonic vibration frequency during ultrasonic machining.

The ultrasonic technology offers advantages which are impossible to achieve in conventional machining. The productivity is up to five times higher when ultrasonic tools are used. The tool life of ultrasonic diamond tools will be significantly increased, the surface finishes achieved can be in the range of Ra= 0,2µm. You can also reduce the cutting forces because of the lower wall thicknesses of the tools, and they also feature a self-sharpening effect.

A multitude of high-tech products are nowadays processed with our extremely sophisticated diamond tools. This applies for industrial areas such as the watchmaking industry, dental and medical technology, automotive industry, aerospace, glass and ceramic industry and research at universities. Because of our vast multitude of ultrasonic diamond tools such as ultrasonic drills and also micro drills, the processing of the following materials is possible:

  • quartz glass
  • float glass
  • optical glasses
  • ceramic material
  • boron carbide
  • carbon
  • dental ceramic
  • silicon
  • silicon carbides
  • titanium / steels
  • ferrite
  • hard metals
  • compound materials
  • zircon oxide
  • and many more

We offer a large range of tool connections from the ER-connection to the clamping shaft. Our range of products comprises diamond micro core drills from Ø0,3mm with internal cooling, but also every other conceivable diameter with the appropriate bore depths. Customers also have the choice between many different grain sizes and wall thicknesses according to the required scope of application in order to achieve the best possible results.