Custom Tools

We have a wide variety of custom abrasive diamond tools, like hollow drills including a countersink which can drill a hole while simultaneously adding a chamfer. We are focused on developing the perfect solutions, i.e. you always get an optimized tool for your particular application from us.

We can develop a variety of binders suitable for the material to be processed. These solutions are based on Schott’s 30 years experience in the field of diamond tool manufacturing. The development of a special tools is according to the specifications of our customers. To do so, we can either cooperate with you or manufacture a tool according to our experience.

With our products, you can enjoy an unlimited range of special custom tools which are ideally suited for your applications:

  • all diamond abrasive grain sizes are possible
  • all bonds (from hard to soft) for different materials
  • bore depths up to 300mm ( technically dependent on the Ø of the drill)
  • all diamond abrasive drill diameters and intermediate diameters available
  • variable wall thicknesses and crown heights
  • Diamond abrasive tools can be manufactured with or without slots for optimal coolant flow
  • tool holder connections according to your specifications
  • all standard profiles for grinding wheels but also special profiles suitable for the processing of display glass
  • for grinding wheels, many different widths of the coatings and heights are available
  • Choice between conventional tools and ultrasonic tools
  • Various geometries are available
  • galvanic tools, either coated or hollow